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Creating Self-Hosted Servers



  • Nikolai Proleyev

    Unfortunately your servers are too far away from Europe. We ran an unmanaged server by installing jack and jacktrip 1.2.1 from "Jacktrip remote server or raspberry pi notes" doc (Ubuntu 20.04 Amazon EC2 Instance). We have no luck to connect to server: jacktrip -S -p2 (trying to connect and stopped) and 100% packet lost in app panel. Maybe you have a more detailed guide for server deployment and troubleshooting?

  • Michael Dessen

    Hi Nikolai. As it says above, the foundation itself can't provide support for unmanaged servers here, but there is information in different places online. One of the best places to get help is the jacktrip users google group:

    Just quickly I wonder if you need to set up the proper port forwarding on the server, since that's a common problem (and I believe EC2 instances might have a default firewall so you'd have to open the right ports). I suggest posting more specific details and error messages to the users list and also searching its archives. Good luck,



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