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Managing Virtual Studios



  • Jody Glider

    Hi, I think we have a bug to report. We turned on auto panning for our session with 9 Jacktrip devices connected, and the result was that one Jacktrip device was muted: the group couldn't hear that one person speaking. We turned auto pan off and on several times to confirm that it auto-panning  causing the same guy to be muted. 

    As far as I understand he has a fairly standard setup: pre-assembled Jacktrip device purchased from HiFiBerry; and the mic is a Shure SM58. And  his Internet connection is AT&T Fibre with very good latency and bandwidth.

  • Mike Dickey

    Hi Jody, it sounds like they are using a balanced cable. Please see this new help article that I just wrote for more details:

  • Jody Glider

    Aaarghhhh, it looks like you're right. From now on I'll remember to check your help articles and troubleshooting tips first!

    For what it's worth,  the unbalanced/balanced cables issue is pretty subtle for a layman (e.g. me), especially as a lot of the descriptions for these cables don't mention balanced/unbalanced. I guess the lesson is to always stick to your recommendations!


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