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Step 1 (JackTrip Digital Bridge): Getting the right gear


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  • Lakes48

    It is great that this Build Your Own Section was recently updated to include a USB interface in addition to a sound card but it is a bit confusing now because the two different options for mic/headphone connectivity are listed in #5 but not differentiated. I think instructions for each would be preferable or those who choose the sound card option should be pointed to the Pre-Built pages. 

    Sound Card Option:

    A. If you choose a Hi-Fi Berry or other sound card, then the case in Step 1 #2 will not work. A taller case is needed such as the PI Shop HighPi Raspberry Pi Case for Pi4 in Black, White or Clear

    B. Under Step 2 i.e. Pluggin It All In, the instructions now show a USB setup. An alternate  Sound Card page should be added.

    C. A "Y" cable for headphones is required to convert the HI-FI Berry RCA jacks to a mini headphone jack.

    USB Alternative

    The instructions now listed are for the USB option, which should be less expensive. 

    There is no discussion as to whether USB or the Sound Card alternative is superior in terms of sound quality. The USB alternative appears to be significantly lower cost, at least if using the Sabrent Audio Connector.

    Thank you for clarifying a 3 amp charger is required. I had gotten some earlier information that an iPad charger would work but that is NOT the case. It only is about 2.4 amps. 

    My comments are based on the earlier Build Your Own instructions which did not include USB. It is good to see progress is being made and that the cost is decreasing. 



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