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Building Your Own Virtual Studio Device: An In-depth Guide



  • Bill Brown

    I have found with mixer(s) attached, setting input and out should start in the mid 80s and then adjusting for headroom leaves room for physical adjustments on mixer.  Headphone amplification is a minimum requirement.

  • Chw

    USB cable problems when connecting Raspberry Pi to USB sound card (Presonus AudioBox).

    Summary: Some USB cables do not work reliably with some Raspberry Pi. But there is no good explanation why a certain combination does not work. If you experience problems, switching out the USB cable might help.

    I did some extensive experiments with the following setup:

    * two different Raspberry Pi (called "Pi1 and "Pi2" in this post).

    * 6 different USB cable from my pile at home

    * A Presonus AudioBox

    * A USB Hub

    When connecting Pi1 directly to the AudioBox, 5 out of the 6 USB cable work. When connecting Pi2 directly to the AudioBox, only 2 out of the 6 USB cable work. So there is certainly a difference between the Raspberry Pis, some seem to be "more sensitive" than others.

    When using a USB Hub between then Raspberry Pi and the AudioBox, all of the cables work reliably in all combinations, with both Pi1 and Pi2. So when I for example take two of the cables that do not work with Pi2 in a direct connection, and use them to connect Pi2 to the USB hub and the USB hub to the AudioBox, everything works. This means that none of the cables is actually defect. Even the cable that works neither with Pi1 nor with Pi2 in the direct connection, works when used via the USB hub.

    I do not have an explanation why certain cables do not work with the direct connection.

    I do not have a second AudioBox, or a different audio interface, so I don't know if the problem occurs for all different audio interfaces. But I know I'm not alone with the problem, because colleagues with a Presonus AudioBox observed the same problem.


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